How to tell that your Web designer did a good job (Part 2)

Posted on January 27, 2015 by Marc

seo-592747_1280Here is the part 2 of the series of articles on How to tell that your Web designer did a good job. These articles series for beginners give tips on how to tell if your website is well built.

Check your Web pages optimization
Have a look at the source code of every page of your website. See how to view source code by following the link below:

This will give you the html code of your page. Those codes will certainly look like a real mess for you if you don’t understand HTML. You will need to look at specific codes at the beginning of the page. Look for tags starting after the <head> tag: <title> and <meta. The easy way to do this is to press Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux) or ⌘ Command+F (Mac). If you look at the title and meta tag named description, make sure that they contain keywords related to your website. These keywords should also be found in your web page to help with search engine optimization.

The meta tag with the name “Keywords” is not relevant anymore to search engine. If you find that meta tag, it might be an indication that your Web designer is not up to date about Web optimization.

If you have a good Web designer, this one should have target keywords that have less competition which doesn’t mean the ones that are the most popular. Keywords selection is a little bit more complex and I won’t go in details to explain it but if you want to know more about it, go on Google website:

You can also have a look in your code at the image tags starting with “<img” and check if they have an “alt” attribute which specifies an alternate text for an image for optimization purpose. Finally, do search your website in the different search engine with the keywords use for your “title”, “meta description” and text to find out your ranking.

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