How to tell that your Web designer did a good job (Part 3)

Posted on February 19, 2015 by Marc

www-31951_1280Here is the part 3 of the series of articles on How to tell that your Web designer did a good job. These articles series for beginners give tips on how to tell if your website is well built.

Do a cross-browser testing
Test to see if your website, web application, HTML or CSS are functioning in the different browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (Apple) and Opera. You can download for free these browsers. Just search them online. If you have access to these browsers on your computer, you can simply open your website in the different browsers and surf your website to make sure it looks and works fine. However, it doesn’t tell you if your website is working in an earlier version of that same browser. You can also use paid and free tools online to find out about cross-browsing ability of your website. You will find free tools by following the link below:

Unfortunately, this is a step that Web designer neglected. They content themselves by only looking at the website in the main browsers but not all. It is at that point that you notice that some websites doesn’t function properly or may have a fonts or any other elements that do not displayed properly in one of the browser. While some browsers might not be used by the largest number of internet user, it still drives traffic off your website if it doesn’t function properly and can have a bad impact on your business in many ways.

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